he history of diamonds dates back to the 4th millennium B.C. Back then, the first diamonds were found in India, where they were valued and worshipped as magic lucky charms. Until today, diamonds have a magic appeal and they did not lose their magical power of attraction.

A diamond consists of pure carbon and develops due to high pressure in the earth's interior. Normally, diamond crystals are transparent and colourless. But caused by impurities, they can have green, yellow or red colour shades. Diamonds are the hardest material in the world, which is why they are also excellently suited as a tool in industry.

But at "InLumen" we are only interested in diamonds as jewellery or as a store of value. We are inspired by the brilliance of cut diamonds and their value. In the last years, the value of diamonds has been constantly increasing and it can be expected that this development will continue. Reasons are the limited occurrences, increasing mining costs and the rising demand in India, China and the United States.

With our special range of set diamonds we hope to get you excited with our passion and expertise for these glamourous pieces of jewellery.


A brilliant is a diamond that was cut in a certain way. The classic, symmetric octahedron, spherical brilliant-cut was developed around 1910. It is the most common diamond cut, since it combines brilliance, harmony of colours, light refraction and brilliance during movement in the best possible way.



latinum is heavier than gold. Furthermore, it is very durable and its mechanical properties make it particularly impressive. De facto, platinum does not wear off and is extremely flexible due to its high adhesion and comparatively high level of hardness, especially in jewellery alloys. Platinum does not tarnish, wear off and it keeps its appearance forever. Science has made platinum the measure of all things, since it is the most durable metal on earth.

Platinum is valuable. Worldwide mining does not even include a tenth of the amount of gold. Compared to gold, three to four times the amount of ore has to be mined for a troy ounce, there are 10 times more gold mines than platinum deposits and the costs for the subsequent extraction of rough platinum is multiple times higher than for gold. For one ounce (31.1 g) of platinum from primary deposits, 10 tons of ore have to be mined. The properties of platinum are the reason why it is virtually irreplaceable in many fields.

This is why platinum is a safe investment - also, platinum jewellery may become absolutely exclusive in a few decades. Compared to other precious metals, platinum is seen as indestructible und made for eternity.


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